Mike Inez

Mike Allen Inez (Bassist) is 5'9" and was born in Los Angeles, California on May 14, 1966. He became interested in music at a young age, his grandfathers uncle played the mandolin in a Filipino folk band and it was natural for Mike to get into that. But he started on the guitar and the reason he started playing bass was that the band he was in was in need of a bassplayer.

Mike still plays a little guitar, and he has an associate's degree in music, for saxophone and keyboard. Other than music, his main interest is scuba diving. When Ozzy Osbourne announced that he needed a new bassplayer, Mike was one of the many hopeful young men who found their way to Frank Zappa's place in LA, called "Joe's Garage", where Ozzy held his audition. "There must've been 50 bass players there, all in leathers and with the boots and stuff. I was in Levi's' and an old hockey jersey..." remembers Mike.

He wasn't nervous though, he didn't think he'd get the gig. Some three weeks later the results from the final elimination came: "Quit your job, you're going to Ireland and then playing London's Wembley Arena in a few weeks! Learn 20 songs and here's your flight information". That was the first time Mike had left the country.

Mike always records with his two old Warwick basses but also uses a Fender fretless and a Stuart Spector custom made bass. On the Unplugged show he used an Alvarez acoustic, along with a $10 chorus pedal. His backline is constantly changing but it's all Ampeg.

Mike Inez -
Warwick, Fender Fretless, Alvarez Acoustic, Stuart Spector Custom Made Bass, acoustic Alvarez
Amps: Ampeg Head and Cabinets
Miscellaneous: Dean Markley Strings
Mike Starr -
Miscellaneous: Dean Markley Strings

Some pictures of Mike Inez and Mike Starr