Layne Staley
(August 22, 1967 - April 5, 2002)

Layne Thomas Staley (Vocals/Guitar) stood 5'11" and was born in Kirkland, Washington on August 22, 1967. At the age of seven his parents divorced. He started playing drums at the age of 12 and played in different glam bands. Since he always sang when he played someone suggested he should start singing instead.

So he did. He met Jerry Cantrell at a party in 1987. Jerry who already knew Mike Starr, decided to form a band with Staley, and Mike introduced them to Sean, who was dating Starr's sister.

Layne is generally considered to be the gloomy, moody member of the group. The rest of the band disagree.

With friends Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) and Baker Saunders, Layne formed "Mad Season" in 1994. Their only release is an album called "Above".

Layne was also an artist, samples of his artwork can be found in the sleeves of "Dirt" and "Above."

Layne was found dead in his Washington home on April 20, 2002, from an apparent accidental drug overdose.

Guitars: Gibson SG
Vocal FX: Jimmy Hendrix Fuzz Face, Wah Pedal, Delay

Some pictures of Layne.